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Folding Tables

      10 year warranty on all folding tables! 

     Virco's selection of folding tables begins with our premium lightweight Core-a-Gator® line.  The best folding table on the market at a great price.  Made with a patented ABS plastic core and heavy duty gravity lock aluminum mechanisms.  Core A Gator Tables are perfect for Church Banquet Halls and general School use. 
     We also offer 9 Traditional 6000 Series models with a 3/4" particleboard top, a fused-on melamine surface and a backing sheet; what's more, two 6000 Series units come with adjustable height legs. 
   For a stronger, more durable table, we also offer Virco Plywood Folding Tables.  Adjustable heights and two laminate choices.  
Made by Virco Mfg. - The Largest maker of premium school furniture in the U.S.A. 

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